1XR - Naples The historical centre of Naples and its churches (2 days)
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A low-cost weekend to visit the historical centre of Naples and its great religious, historical and cultural beauty. A first day to see the...
1XR     21-05-2012 Save
1Y - Naples: the pathways of art (1 day)
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Especially recommended to those who have never seen Naples, but an enjoyable experience for all: the excursion includes a visit to the historic...
1Y     17-05-2012 Save
2XR - Naples: The heart of Naples (2 days)
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Two days to visit the historical centre of Naples and a overnight stay at selected religious accommodation facilities. The first day we visit...
2XR     21-05-2012 Save
2Y - Naples: the pathways of art (1 day)
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Recommended for people coming from Rome and who have never seen Naples: the excursion includes a visit to the historic center of the city and...
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3XR - Naples: between churches and sanctuaries (2 days)
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Napoli like you have never seen it: the breathtaking views, the majestic churches and sanctuaries, the tranquility of a peaceful and undisturbed...
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3Y - A modern martyr: Don Giuseppe Diana (1 day)
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Don Giuseppe Diana was killed by the camorra (the local mafia) on the 19th of March 1994, in his church, on his way to celebrating holy mass. His...
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4XR - Naples - Pompeii - Sorrento: martyrs, miracles and relics (3 days)
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A long weekend of religious tourism in Naples and its beautiful surroundings. It is a modern pilgrimage on the way to understanding the meaning...
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4Y - A dive to the submerged religious art (1 day)
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Dive n. 1 - Madonna of Vervece, Massa Lubrense Dive n. 2 - Steps of the via Crucis, Capo Sorrento Dive n. 3 - Sapphire Cave, Amalfi Coast Dive n....
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5XR - Early Christian churches (3 days)
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This itinerary is for those who have already had a taste of Naples, but do not yet know some of its most beautiful religious sites inside and...
5XR     23-05-2012 Save
5Y - Naples - Caserta: “From paganism to Christianity” (1 day)
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This tour will guide you through “Campania Felix”, the volcanic and alluvial territory surrounding the city of Capua. It was an extraordinarily...
5Y     27-06-2012 Save
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